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Obama’s “View”

In case you missed it, Barack Obama finished the job started by Bill Clinton and completely sunk any credibility in the Presidency this morning. Yes, he made a guest appearance on ABC’s The View.

(For those of you who have actual lives, The View is a daytime talker hosted by 5 ancient would-be stars, who spend copious amounts of time kvetching that the World Doesn’t Conform to their Liberal View. Riveting television it isn’t, unless you’re one of those unhappy souls who likes listening to your mother-in-law for hours on end.)

Since I didn’t really have anything better to do, I sat and watched what passed for an interview. I mean, I could have spent the hour pulling my toenails out with tweezers and had more fun, but I thought the President might actually say something insightful. Or witty. Heck, I’d even have settled for pithy. You know how every once-in-a-while, a pitcher will toss up an “eephus” pitch and the batter will swing and miss the 50mph offering? That’s what I felt like I was watching. Question after question, the Venerable Ones would toss the One a softball. And question after question, the One would swing and miss. It was worse than watching the really fat, drunk guy at the company softball game (you know the one – the guy who falls down after every swing).

I realize the MSM will be talking about how Obama used the forum as a way to talk about how well job creation is going, how his handiwork saved the country from financial ruin and about how he loves his family. But you know what I heard, over and over again? A President who is so full of himself, he can’t understand why the United States of America isn’t simply jumping on his gravy-train to freedom. He never missed an opportunity to complain about how he’s being mistreated by the opposition; about how the media is constantly blowing things out of proportion and how stupid all of us out here in the heartland must be. He made one paean to the fact that the economy sucks – I forget the exact wording, but it was something like “I realize that Americans are hurting because I read their letters every night” – but quickly said that the economy would be so much worse if not his profligate spending. He mentioned that there are real differences on basic issues such as the role of government, but tried to sweep them under the rug as being personal attacks on his person.

Sorry, Mr. President. Before this appearance, I questioned your policies, but never questioned your intellect. But now I’m left wondering if the Nation didn’t somehow elect the most narrow-minded idiot we’ve had in the White House since Benjamin Harrison.

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