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Indebted to 14

I posted this a couple of weeks ago, when Democrats were whispering about the silly idea that the President could bypass Congress and “invoke” the 14th Amendment. Well, they aren’t whispering it any longer. They’ve taken to shouting from the mountain that President G̶e̶e̶z̶e̶r̶ Biden has to do so NOW.


So here, without further ado (not that it will shut them up)..

Political Baseballs

Rant time again!

Liberals are cheerleading the dementia patient in the Oval Office decision not to negotiate on the national debt. They are also, at the same time, decrying the fact that the federal government will soon run out of cash, which would trigger a default.

Their machinations would be laughable in normal times and be seen as nothing more than a negotiating tactic. But they seem willing to trigger that default because they refuse to acknowledge the underlying cause: federal spending that’s ballooned so fast it’s crashing the economy.

They try to misdirect the conversation with a couple of talking points that are patently false. Indeed, they are Orwellian in their absurdity. But because the public doesn’t have even rudimentary knowledge of finance and mass media (which is equally ignorant) refuses to check these claims, they are taken with more belief than the gospels.

The first is that the…

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