Musings on Sports, Politics and Life in general


Ray Rothfeldt:

I live in the New York metropolitan area, which makes my conservative political philosophy unique to my surroundings. Like many of my fellow citizens, though, I’ve had about all I can take of “progressive” politics. I look around and see nothing but financial ruin, moral decay and a general malaise that I thought our nation had left with the Carter administration. But I still believe in the basics of Americanism: that we are at our best when things seem their worst; that our nation’s leaders are ultimately her citizens (and not government bureaucrats) and that any person with skill and determination can be successful. This blog is dedicated to that ideal, just as I’ve dedicated my energies to ensuring that conservative-minded politicians are elected.

I’m married, with three wonderful sons and served in the US Marine Corps from 1983 to 1989. Thanks for reading. Feel free to follow me on Twitter ( and join me on Facebook (

Interested in blogging? I’ve met many people who have terrific ideas but feel frustrated that they have nowhere to post them. If interested in joining this blog as an author, shoot me an email at


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