Musings on Sports, Politics and Life in general


I started this blog for no particular reason. But I have several interests that I can quite passionate about and rather than drive my wife nuts by ranting and raving around the house, I figured putting all those thoughts on-line would be a better solution. So what are those subjects that raise my blood pressure and get me talking faster than an auctioneer?

  1. Baseball. Especially my favorite team, the New York Yankees.
  2. Liberty. I swore an oath to defend our liberties, the ones outlined in our Constitution, against all enemies, foreign or domestic. Said oath has no expiration date.

Now, a little about myself: nothing about me would find you exclaiming about my remarkability. I had a relatively normal upbringing, in a relatively normal family at the sometimes abnormal Jersey Shore. As a young man, I joined the Marine Corps, survived boot camp, and went on to spend six years wearing Uncle Sam’s best uniform. I eventually graduated from college with a degree in Electrical Engineering, joined the corporate world and after a couple of years, decided working for idiots was a waste of my talent.

It was at that point that I became what someone once termed, a serial entrepreneur. I’ve been fortunate enough to have started three successful businesses and been part of the launch team for a fourth. While none of them are household names, each is recognized in their respective industry as an innovator and leader. Two of those companies are technology related (one in maritime electronics, the other personal safety applications), one is currently the largest bicycle shop on the Jersey Shore and the last is a noted software integration provider. These days, poor health has forced me into semi-retirement, although I keep busy by  dabbling in real estate.

Politically, someone once described me as an “independent libertarian.” If that means I think government is too big, but just taking a machete to it will result in another civil war – then yes, I’ll wear that badge. I would much rather a scalpel be wielded with surgical precision to excise the tumors.

As for my personal life, I’ve been married to the same great lady since July, 2000. We have three sons, all of whom only drive us only slightly crazy. We set up base camp in Newark, NJ and the surrounding area back in 2002. Yes, that sounds insane – who actually moves from the suburbs to Newark? – but it really isn’t.


After all, if you want something to change, then you need to be the change!

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