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UPDATED: Iowa Caucus Results

I’m heading to bed, but as of 11pm Eastern, the results are as follows (88% reporting):

1. Santorum: 25%
2. Romney: 25% (only 13 votes separate these two)
3. Paul: 21%
4. Gingrich: 13%
5: Perry: 10%
6: Bachmann: 5%

Based on this, I’m fully expecting Bachmann to bow out tomorrow. Rick Perry also sounded as if he’s giving up the ship in an interview earlier tonight on Fox.

Stay tuned to this space tomorrow morning for updates.

Update: The final vote tally has Romney edging Santorum by just 8 votes.

Gov. Perry announced last night that he is returning to Texas to determine if his campaign can continue. He has the money, but it doesn’t sound as if he has the will. Bachmann declared she’s in it to win it, but I still expect her to drop out.

Gingrich essentially declared his attempt to remain positive over – while sounding like he’s ready to act as a bulldozer for Santorum.

In their respective speeches, Santorum came across as a sober but ecstatic victor, while Romney gave his standard stump speech – albeit sounding as if he had drunk an industrial sized pot of coffee.

As Santorum announced, it’s “Game On.” See you in New Hampshire!

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