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I’m not really a fan of the coffee. But hey, if they’re willing to do a small part to help a guy out…

I’ll take a vente double latte, please. Just hold the foo-foo stuff. 🙂

Veterans Claims Help

images (1)Maple member of Vermont Frank sends us this news regarding Starbucks® which certainly bodes well for Vets. The military turns you into a killing machine so it stands to reason you should be adept at creating killer coffee, right? 

At any rate, this certainly bodes well for many newly minted Vets who are wondering where their future lies. The new employment paradigm these days seems to be less jobs with less full-time employment in a concerted effort to avoid having to pay for medical care under the new ACA. Fortunately, Starbucks has not followed suit and, in fact, moved in the opposite direction. Veterans could do far worse (read Mickey D’s) for a future with one company. Even if it is a stepping stone, no one looks down on a barista. They are an artist in their own right who works with a liquid medium as opposed to a canvas…

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