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Still Think Obamacare won’t affect you?

A friend’s wife just received the following:

“Due to rising healthcare costs and the impact of the Affordable Care Act on employers who offer medical coverage, there will be changes to [company withheld] 2014 plans including: an increase in copayments, deductibles and out of pocket maximum benefits under the United Healthcare Premium and Core Plans. The copayments for the Express Scripts (formerly Medco) Prescription Drug Plan will change as well. The firm will continue to fund the major portion of these costs (over 81%) however, it is also necessary to increase employee contributions in 2014. As always, the contribution increases will be based on salary so that higher earners pay a greater share of the cost.”


So, here we have a concrete case of somebody enrolled in a group plan through their employer who is seeing both a change in benefits and an increase in costs – all thanks to Obamacare. I doubt it will be the last of these, since I’ve seen estimates that perhaps as many as 50 million Americans will lose their current, employer sponsored plans. 

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