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Let Trump Walk

Have we ever been here before?

Have we ever had a candidate for President who thought himself so far above the process that he felt as though he should dictate the terms of a debate? Who throws temper tantrums when he doesn’t get his way? Who treats the body politic as if it were there solely for his personal gratification?

None that I can recall.

Here’s my suggestion to the RNC: let him walk. If he wants to mount a third-party bid, let him. Do not fear him and do not fear his minions. Those mindless, spineless fools are not your partisans. They inhabit the same criminal, delusional world bereft of morals and moral fiber as their champion. Better to be a minority party of principle than a minority party led by a buffoon.

But make it plain. Be sure to put it in words that even the charlatan can understand. Failure to respect the American citizen and the Republican party means you are NOT on the ballot in any Republican primary or caucus. Being a rich boor will get you nothing but treated as a wealthy crank. He wants respect? It is time for him too start respecting us. Too many good men have died for our nation and our freedom to willingly give it to a slumlord sleazeball.

Otherwise, good-bye. And good-riddance.

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