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Oh, Another Debate? *yawn*

In case you missed it, the two Veep candidates debated last night. I’m going to be perfectly honest here; I doubted either would say anything interesting. So I spent my TV time split between the AL Wild Card game and a Hogan’s Heroes rerun. The game was certainly more exciting and I suspect the old sitcom more believable than anything Messers Pence and Kaine said.

Judging by the overnight reviews, Mr. Pence was the decisive winner. When even hard left outlets (NY Times, Huffington Post) declare the Republican the winner, you know it wasn’t a good performance for Team Clinton. Particularly if forced to cede a victory to Mike Pence, whom liberal publications think of as Ted Cruz with a better smile.

Apparently, Mr.Kaine was a cross between an incoherent Clinton sycophant and a killer clown, while Mr. Pence remained calm and rational. Or, Mr. Kaine did his best Donald Trump impersonation while Mr. Pence reminded the GOP that they could have nominated someone other than an insane troglodyte. Alas, the GOP has hitched their wagons to Team Trump, and the result is a political campaign where the number two choice is better than the standard bearer.

Anyway, these Veep debates never have a major impact on the election. Given that nothing newsworthy came out of this one and neither man melted down, I doubt the 2016 version will, either. I mean, if Dan Quayle getting spanked didn’t effect an election, these really are a waste of time. 

Oh, and how about those crazy Canucks? And here I thought Red Sox fans were unhinged.

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