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Terrorists? Kill ’em All…

So, much to many a liberal journalist’s and blogger’s chagrin, it turns out that the Times Square bomb attack this past weekend was the work of an Al-Queda operative. Chuck Schumer and Mike Bloomberg both are probably trying to figure out how to erase their misguided – and potentially inflammatory – left-wing rhetoric about the bomber being a “home grown nut job who’s upset about the health care bill.”

Of course, typical Americans are not surprised to hear the Faisal Shahzad is a Pakastani who somehow obtained US citizenship; that he spent more than 5 months in his native country, and that he returned home specifically to get terror training. No matter how the media or President tries to spin this, Shahzad is exactly what most Americans think of when they hear about a terror attack: a seemingly educated Muslim man in his late 20’s or early 30’s with a serious mental defect. And lots of explosives at his disposal.

Which brings me to my main point. The Obama administration, and most of our neo-socialist leadership, is adverse to calling Islamic fundamentalism what it is: the root source of terrorsit attacks on the United and our allies. In their forthcoming NSS, the administration refuses to call out Islamic fundamentalism as a threat to domestic peace. They blatantly refuse to recognize this is a war – most likely in a  misguided attempt at fostering relationships with the oil-rich Middle East nations where most terrorists are funded. Indeed, on April 7 (less than one month ago) the President banned all administration officials from uttering the phrases, “radical Muslim,” “radical Islam” and “Islamic fundamentalist” when describing terrorists or terrorist organizations.

Apparently, the President is living in dream world, where there is no War on Terror and all terrorists are merely criminals. There is no fundamental clash of cultures or ideologies in play. Islam is religion of peace and sorely misunderstood by Americans, and American culture is sorely misunderstood in the Middle East.  If we can only foster a dialog, they won’t bomb us anymore nad we can all get together on the mountaintop to sing Kumbaya. If this attitude weren’t so rife with the potential to kill a whole lot of Americans, it would be laughable. After all, liberals have been promoting appeasement since – well, since Neville Chamberlain. I think we all know how that turned out.

The simple fact is this: we’ve been fighting Islamic fundamentalists since April 30, 1979. For those of you not too familiar with history, that’s the date that the US Embassy in Iran was overrun by radical Islamic Fundamentalists. 4 1/2 years later, a radical Muslim backed by Iran drove a car bomb into the US Embassy in Beirut, killing 299 Marines. The carnage hasn’t stopped since then. Of course, for most Americans this war began on September 11, 2001. And what has the current appeasement rapprochement gained us? A radical Muslim went on a shooting spree at Fort Hood. A radical Muslim boarded a plane bound for Detroit and tried to blow up his underwear. And now the Times Square fiasco. What most Americans have failed to realize is that we’ve been lucky with the past few attempts: had those attacks not been carried out by incompetent boobs, there would be a whole bunch of us dead right now.

So, what’s to be done? Already new restrictions on our liberties are being recommended. The same Senator Schumer who swore the Times Square attack was the work of Tea Partier has already floated the idea of cordoning off New York City. After the shoe bomber, we were all told to take off out shoes before boarding our flights. After the underwear bomber, the TSA began implementing a plan for full-body scans. After the Ft. Hood attack, numerous calls went out to further restrict Second Amendment rights. I’m sorry, but I fail to see how any of this attacks the root cause of the problem. In fact, it seems counter-intuitive to the whole concept of “Engagement.” If we’re supposed to be exporting the ideals of a free society, then why would try to turn ourselves into a continental police state?

No, President Obama, the way to end terrorists threats to the US is to recognize it for what it is and devote your energies to defeating it. Here’s my plan. It is remarkably simple, easy enough for even you to understand and implement:

  1. Declare any nation, organization or group that sponsors or harbors terrorists is an enemy of the United States. See how easy that is? If you let terrorists live in your country, use your banks or in any way support them, you are considered an enemy of the US.
  2. Immediately seize all US assets of any nation, organization o r group that sponsors or harbors terrorists. You’ve certainly seized enough money from US citizens, so you’ve had practice.
  3. Announce that any nation that harbors or sponsors terrorists, or harbors any organization or group that sponsor terrorists, have 90 days before we take military action. I know this one is hard to swallow, but it is a war.  Trust me, shoot a few missiles at Saudi oil fields and everyone in the region will know we mean business.

Somehow, I doubt this plan will ever be put into action by this administration. But I for one would love to see an administration with enough backbone to do so.

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